Vaihtolavacom grew fast with the support of Korona Invest, becoming a leading company in construction waste logistics


Over the last four years Vaihtolavacom has grown into a major environmental service company. 

”Vaihtolavacom revenues and profitability multiplied during our ownership tenure. The company has developed from a transportation company into a significant and efficient partner in waste logistics services, enabling customers to operate responsibly with Vaihtolavacoms digital tracking system. We are very pleased to have found Sortera to support the company’s nationwide expansion in Finland”, says Pasi Lehtinen, the managing director at Korona Invest. 

Management and key personnel have done an excellent job increasing the performance of acquired businesses, coordinating cultures, as well as developing the digital services and customer ESG reporting. The advanced digital ERP has enabled Lean management and growth has not slowed the company’s decision-making.

Vaihtolavacom Group CEO, Hannu Poutiainen, sees Sortera enabling the continued growth of the company and the utilization of best practices between countries for the benefit of the customers. “Four years ago, together with Korona we set out to grow the company systematically to a larger size and towards environmental services. We have been very pleased with Korona’s ability to make decisions flexibly and quickly to deliver growth. With Sortera we will have an excellent partner to continue our expansion according to plan, says Hannu Poutiainen.

For more information:

Hannu Poutiainen, Vaihtolavacom, Mob. 040 533 6314

Pasi Lehtinen, Korona Invest, Mob. 050 387 3196


Korona Invest is a private equity firm specializing in financing growth companies. Korona Invest has made 30 initial investments, more than 100 acquisitions in portfolio companies and 21 exits. Korona makes investments in growth-capable, profitable companies with a turnover of 2-20 million euros.

Vaihtolavacom Oy
is one of the leading providers of construction waste logistics and environmental services. Vaihtolavacom’s turnover is over 18 million euros. Vaihtolavacom serves more than 1,000 customers annually and provides its customers with efficient environmental services in line with its customer promise.

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