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Sustainable growth

We believe that a strong commitment to taking ESG matters into account in business also has a positive impact on the return on investment. Responsibility is part of our sustainable value creation, and we also want to use our investments to benefit society.

Korona Invest is a private equity investment firm, and we can best influence the
realisation of responsibility by helping our funds’ portfolio companies develop further. 
In our operations, we are committed to purposefully promoting responsibility factors related to the environment, corporate social responsibility and good governance, both at Korona Invest and in the portfolio companies of the funds it manages.

Commitment to responsibility

Korona Invest is a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association, and it follows the association’s recommendations on openness and transparency, as well as its Code of Conduct. The Finnish Venture Capital Association’s recommendations on openness and transparency serve as the standard for openness and transparency in the private equity industry, and the Code of Conduct serves as the ethical code for the private equity field in Finland.

The funds we manage comply with the international IPEVG valuation guidelines in the valuation of the portfolio companies, and they apply the international Invest Europe guidelines and agreements made with investors in investor reporting.

Korona Invest is a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and the networks of responsible business operations (FiBS and Finsif).

FiBS (Finnish Business & Society) is the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordic countries. The purpose of FiBS is to accelerate responsibility factors towards a more sustainable world. 

The purpose of Finsif (Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum) is to promote responsible investment operations that take environmental, social and governance issues into account in financial management and investment decisions. A prerequisite for Finsif membership is that the member company decides to commit to responsible investments and their promotion.

In addition we are a member of the FiBAN (Finnish Business Angels Network).

Korona Invest is an alternative investment fund manager subject to registration in accordance with the Act on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (162/2013), and it has been entered in the register of alternative investment fund managers maintained by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Principles of Responsible Investment

As part of its objective of promoting sustainability factors related to the environment, corporate social responsibility and governance (ESG factors), Korona Invest has signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (“UN PRI”) supported by the UN. 

The PRI organisation is an international network of investors whose mission is to achieve a sustainable global financial system by encouraging the adoption of the principles it has drafted and by promoting collaboration. Its objective is to understand the effects of sustainable development for investors and support the signatories in adopting these factors as part of their investment decisions and ownership practices. In addition, the PRI provides a framework for investment operators to evaluate their ESG factors and operational development.

Signing and commitment are voluntary and require annual transparent reporting on the Principles in practice.

Memberships and commitments

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