MV-Jäähdytys together with its entire staff, management team, founders and Korona Invest managed to grow in less than five years from a local player to being the best nationwide service company in its field.

MV’s growth continues as a Nordic player together with Nordic Climate Group Ab. Simultaneously, Korona Invest exits its ownership. The transaction is estimated to be finalized by the end of the year after authority approvals.

”We started MV’s growth strategy in 2018 and our goal has been to be the best service company in our field. Growth track has been impressive as evidenced by a 4.5-fold increase in turnover, expanded service offering and multiplied number of personnel. The entire MV team has done an excellent job and it has been an honor to work together and exceed the set goals” says Juho Mäkiaho, Investment Director at Korona Invest.

Energy efficiency and responsibility for choices that affect the environment have been in transition in recent years. For 50 years, MV-Jäähdytys has accumulated its technical know-how and, today, takes care of energy efficiency of more than 45 000 cooling, heating and professional kitchen appliances.

Ilpo Mäkelä, CEO of MV-Jäähdytys sees joining forces with Nordic Climate Group Ab as a very positive development. “We know the Finnish market very well and we will continue our journey to become the best maintenance company in Finland. Nordic Climate Group has a strong knowledge of the industry and positive experiences in the Swedish and Norwegian markets. The joint opportunities for growth and development are significant”, tells Mäkelä.

Lasse Virkki, founding partner of MV-Jäähdytys, says that he is very pleased to cooperation with Korona Invest. “I would like to thank Korona Invest for the years together on behalf of myself and the whole company. Especially Korona’s trust in our growth plan and extraordinary support during challenging times such as covid-19 has been very valuable”, says Virkki.

Additional information:

MV-Jäähdytys Oy
Ilpo Mäkelä 
tel. +358 50 408 8308

Korona Invest Oy
Investment Director, Partner
Juho Mäkiaho
tel. +358 40 962 7662


MV-Jäähdytys is a service and project company for cooling, heating and professional kitchen systems, founded in 1971. The company’s turnover is approximately 30 million €. The company operates nationwide and has five service and logistics centers in Finland.

Korona Invest is a Finnis private equity firm specializing in growth investments in domestic small and medium-sized enterprises. Korona Invest has made 34 initial investments, more than 100 acquisitions of portfolio companies and 26 exits.

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