Korona Invest has made a majority investment in a new HR sector entity


The fund, managed by Korona Invest, will become a notable new player in the HR sector by combining the Go On franchise chain and Feelback Group’s customer, personnel and management experience services.

The Go On chain and Feelback Group have long operational histories and large nationwide customer bases. The Go On chain operates in more than 20 locations, run by its franchising entrepreneurs. Its operations include staffing, recruitment services, aptitude evaluations and change security coaching. Feelback’s research services combined with Go On’s services will strengthen and increase the competitiveness of existing and new customer relationships even further.

“The goal of the Go On chain is to support its franchise entrepreneurs with new services in solving their end-customers’ HR challenges. Now we have a versatile evidence-based service offering for our entrepreneurs, as well as several service companies to support our continuous growth,” says Janne Korhonen, who is starting as the CEO of the Go On Group.

Pekka Ruuskanen, the CEO of Feelback Group, sees the merger with Go On as an important step. In turn, Korona Invest allows the diversification of operations and the ability to create strong strategic paths into the future. “I believe that with our extensive expertise and experience, we can offer our customers an even better opportunity of success.

“The Go On chain’s strong growth and performance culture, as well as Feelback’s research services built on knowledge-based management, enable a diverse range of services for developing organisations. It is important to us that the key employees of both companies continue as co-owners in the implementation of our joint growth targets,” says Pasi Lehtinen, the CEO of Korona Invest.

Go On chain

The Go On chain is one of the leading staffing companies in Finland, with more than 20 offices. In 2021, the chain’s turnover was over EUR 45 million, and it finds employment for approximately 6,000 people annually in various sectors. Of all Go On employees, 93% recommend working through Go On to their friends.


Feelback Group is a modern research agency, the mission of which is to turn information into competitiveness and success. In 2021, the company’s turnover was over EUR 3 million, and it employed around 50 experts in four different locations. The company’s diverse services are divided into customer experience, staff experience, management experience and data collection services.

Korona Invest

Founded in 2006, Korona Invest is a private equity firm specialising in small and medium-sized enterprises. In total, Korona Invest has raised EUR 235 million for its funds. The funds’ investors are Finnish institutions, funds and foundations with corporate social responsibility, as well as family-owned investment companies and key persons.

More information:
Kimmo Salminen, Go On chain, tel. 0400 752 150
Pekka Ruuskanen, Feelback Group, tel. 0400 688 699
Pasi Lehtinen, Korona Invest, tel. 050 387 3196

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