Omaeläinklinikka springs to national status with Korona Invest


Omaeläinklinikka, a responsible pioneer of veterinary care, has grown into a chain of 13 small animal clinics in under five years.

“Omaeläinklinikka employs more than 400 veterinary and animal care specialists. Under our ownership, their net sales grew sevenfold, and their profitability increased by multiple times. The company grew to be the second largest provider in Finland of veterinary services for small animals. We’re very happy about the merger of Evidensia and Omaeläinklinikka, and we believe that together they will offer the best possible services for the owners of small animals,” says Pasi Lehtinen, Managing Director at Korona Invest.

The senior management and employees of Omaeläinklinikka have successfully integrated various cultures, developed digital services, and improved the customer experience.

“The merger with Evidensia is an excellent opportunity for Omaeläinklinikka’s personnel to receive international training and pursue diverse career opportunities. Our growth has been strong, and I believe our opportunities for growth will only improve. This merger accelerates digitalisation and the development of veterinary care, adds to our service selection, and improves the customer experience,” says Jaana Tarkki, CEO at Omaeläinklinikka.


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