Korona Invest completes successful sale of AAC Global Oy


With the support of Korona, AAC Global has become one of the industry-leading companies in the Nordics. The company has established itself as a strategic partner in supporting its customers’ internationalization efforts.


“Revenue development was turned on to a growth track during our ownership period. The company has gained a position as the leading provider of translation, training, and localization services in the Nordic countries,” says Vesa Lehtomäki, President and CEO of Korona Invest.

AAC Global delivers multilingual communications services tailored for every need. Its customers range from small- to medium-sized companies, to major global players. More than 40% of the company’s revenues come from international customers.

The acquisition by an international operator creates good conditions for further accelerating international growth. “With Korona, we executed a systematic plan for growing the company and building the conditions for international growth. We’ve succeeded excellently in this,” says Petri Lehmus, CEO of the company.

For more information, please contact:
CEO, Petri Lehmus, AAC Global Oy, Mob. +358 40 759 3615
CEO, Vesa Lehtomäki, Korona Invest, Mob. +358 50 337 6969

Korona Invest is a Finnish private equity firm specializing in growth investments in domestic small- and medium-sized enterprises. Korona makes investments in growth-capable, profitable companies with a turnover of 2-20 million euros.

AAC Global is one of the leading providers of global training and translation services in the Nordic countries. It has offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

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