JIS-Automation Oy invests in growth and development with the support of Korona Invest


JIS-Automation Oy, which specialises in industrial, building automation and hospital technology systems, aims for strong growth in line with its strategy. Korona Invest, which specialises in financing growth companies, became a co-owner and partner for the owner-employees in the implementation of the strategy.

At JIS-Automation, it is important for us to keep our amazing story growing even further. Our key competitive advantage is our professional staff, who are proud of what they do, and the quality of their work. When choosing a financing partner for growth, we chose the Finnish company Korona Invest, because we saw that like-mindedness, similar values and professionalism were also realised in their operations. Cooperation with Korona will bring us plenty of new expertise for the company’s development and growth.” says Jouni Isokivi, the CEO of JIS-Automation.

JIS-Automation has gained a solid position with its special expertise in automation systems and technologies. We want to help them develop by offering the experience and expertise we have accumulated by working with several growth companies. It is important to us that the company’s key people continue to be very significant owners, and that we work together towards future goals.” says Juho Mäkiaho, investment director at Korona Invest.

The arrangement is expected to enter into force by the end of March after the necessary regulatory approvals have been reveived.

JIS-Automation Oy is a company specialising in industrial, building automation and hospital technology systems. It has offices in Pirkkala, Helsinki, Turku and Jyväskylä. JIS employs approximately 110 electrical and automation technology professionals.

Korona Invest is a Finnish private equity investment firm specialising in financing growth companies. Korona Invest invests in small to medium-sized enterprises seeking and capable of growth, regardless of industry.

Additional information:

JIS-Automation Oy
CEO Jouni Isokivi
tel. +35840 062 5508

Korona Invest Oy
Investment Director, Partner Juho Mäkiaho
tel. +35840 962 7662

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