Wunder, an international full-service digital agency operating in several European countries, will boost its growth with Korona.

Operating in Finland, UK, Germany, Estonia, and Latvia, Wunder is seeking strong growth opportunities. Today, a fund managed by Korona Invest, will become a major shareholder of Wunder. The company, which focuses on online business, agile methods and open source systems, aims to increase its turnover many times over.

The targeted fund capital is to reach €50 million

Korona Invest amassed €33.5 million at the first closing of its third fund to Korona Fund III Ky. By including new investors interested in funding Finnish growth companies, Korona Invest looks forward to increasing the fund capital to at least €50 million. At the first closing of the fund, the old investors include the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Fennia, Sitra, Orion Pension Fund and Tradeka-Invest and, as new investors, a number of wealthy Finnish families through their holding companies.

Pekka Tammela, Jouni Pohjonen and Juho Mäkiaho joined Korona as new partners with the establishment of the third fund.

Korona Invest’s third fund, Korona Fund III Ky, amassed €33.5 million by its first closing. Korona Invest looks forward to increasing the fund capital for funding growth companies to at least €50 million.

Korona Invest doubled its number of partners when three more partners joined the team. Pekka Tammela and Jouni Pohjonen started working for Korona as investment directors at the beginning of October. At the same time, Juho Mäkiaho, who has worked for Korona as analyst, was appointed as an associate and partner.

AAC Holding, which is owned by Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto (Service Fund) and key personnel from AAC Global, has purchased the language, communication, and training service provider TekMiL. The AAC Holding group will now include AAC Global Oy, TekMiL Oy, and AAC Global AB in Sweden.

AAC Global is Finland’s leading provider of translation and localization services, and also offers content services, language and communication training, and interpreting services. AAC Global’s subsidiary AAC Global AB is a major player in Sweden’s translation and localization market.

Korona Invest’s Palvelurahasto (Service Fund) and Sähkötaso Esitystekniikka’s CEO Esa Ranta-aho have agreed to sell Sähkötaso Esitystekniikka Oy to Caverion Finland Oy.

Sähkötaso Esitystekniikka, founded in 2005, has grown rapidly and is currently the leading AV solutions provider in Finland. Over Korona Invest’s ownership period the company’s revenue doubled and profitability improved significantly. At the same time the number of employees increased to 28 persons in Tampere, Helsinki and Jyväskylä. Sähkötaso Esitystekniikka’s sales amounted to 12,9 million euros in the fiscal year ending 31.3.2016.

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