Pekka Tammela, Jouni Pohjonen and Juho Mäkiaho joined Korona as new partners with the establishment of the third fund.

Korona Invest’s third fund, Korona Fund III Ky, amassed €33.5 million by its first closing. Korona Invest looks forward to increasing the fund capital for funding growth companies to at least €50 million.

Korona Invest doubled its number of partners when three more partners joined the team. Pekka Tammela and Jouni Pohjonen started working for Korona as investment directors at the beginning of October. At the same time, Juho Mäkiaho, who has worked for Korona as analyst, was appointed as an associate and partner.

 Pekka Tammela has 15 years of experience of different corporate transactions in Finland and abroad. Tammela has worked for years as the chairman of the board of Revenio Group Oyj, which is a listed company. Tammela is also a partner at PJ Maa Partners Oy, which specialises in corporate acquisitions. In addition, Tammela has experience in working as the chief financial officer of Panostaja Oyj and Solteq Oyj.

Jouni Pohjonen has worked in demanding business management positions in Finland and abroad for 25 years. His positions include managing director of Yhtyneet Medix Laboratoriot Oy and positions of responsibility at Oriola, Instrumentarium and Perlos.

Juho Mäkiaho is a rising talent who has proven his capability at Korona. He has a master's degree in economic sciences from Aalto University. Mäkiaho has worked as an analyst at Korona, and he wrote his master’s thesis about capital investments while working for Korona. 

We are very pleased to be able to welcome our new partners to our team. Their strong track records and diverse experience will significantly improve Korona Invest’s chances of supporting the investments of our new fund, established in October 2016, in challenges presented by rapid growth,” says Vesa Lehtomäki, CEO of Korona Invest.

Korona Invest Oy

Run by entrepreneurs, Korona Invest is an equity firm specialising in funding growth companies with net sales in the range of EUR 2–20 million.

Additional information

Korona Invest Oy

Vesa Lehtomäki, CEO, tel. +358 50 3376 969

Pekka Tammela, Investment Director, tel. +358 40 5039 009

Jouni Pohjonen, Investment Director, tel. +358 50 3263 904

Juho Mäkiaho, Associate, tel. +358 40 9627 662

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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