The targeted fund capital is to reach €50 million

Korona Invest amassed €33.5 million at the first closing of its third fund to Korona Fund III Ky. By including new investors interested in funding Finnish growth companies, Korona Invest looks forward to increasing the fund capital to at least €50 million. At the first closing of the fund, the old investors include the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Fennia, Sitra, Orion Pension Fund and Tradeka-Invest and, as new investors, a number of wealthy Finnish families through their holding companies.

Korona Invest has participated in the funding of 22 companies throughout our ten years in business. We have exited a total of sixteen companies, and in fourteen cases we have reached or even exceeded our target. We have been a part of the structural changes in various industries and have carried out more than 100 business acquisitions. Our portfolio companies have increased their net sales with an average of 34% per year and their operating margin with an average of 26% per year. Under our ownership, the portfolio companies have increased their personnel by more than 3,000 employees,” says Vesa Lehtomäki, CEO and founder of Korona Invest, about the effects of the investments.

Korona Invest’s new fund follows the same investment policy that has secured the success of the previous funds. It makes profitable investments in Finnish unlisted growth-companies with net sales ranging from 2 to 20 million euros. The investments are not limited to certain industries, although the focus will lie on information-intensive services, the circular economy as well as environmental and real estate services. The fund does not invest in technology start-ups.

Korona Invest increased its number of partners to six, when three partners joined the team when the new fund was established. Through the team’s operative and strategic input in the portfolio companies we aim at generating considerable added value for both the entrepreneurs and the investors.

Korona Fund III Ky
Korona Fund III Ky is an investment fund specialising in funding growth companies. It focuses on companies that have the capacity and will to grow and need both capital and business management input in order to utilise their growth potential.

Korona Invest Oy
Run by the entrepreneurs, Korona Invest is an equity firm specialising in funding growth companies with net sales in the range of 2 to 20 million euros. 

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Korona Invest Oy
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